Partnership program (Make profit on the internet)

The only thing you have to do is to upload a file to After that you`ll receive a unique URL, which you may post on your website or send to friends by e-mail.

P.S. don`t forget to register!!!

  •  Anyone may work with us.

  •  We pay you money for unique downloads of your files..

  •   We pay up to $15 for each 1,000 unique download. However, the payment you will receive varies with the quality of traffic.

  •  Unlike other file hosting services, downloads from ALL countries are paid.

  • If you want to receive a payment, simply make a request. Minimum payout via the WebMoney system is $5 and $15 via the PayPal system accordingly.


    Скачай Skymonk

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    Установите программу, следуя инструкциям инсталятора

    Скачивай файл

    Запустите программу. Скачивайте Ваш файл!